January 9, 2020 - About Preschool

Tracing Shapes

why shapes matter ? It takes most children a few months longer to grasp the concept of shapes than to grasp the concept of color. However, by age 3 most children have developed an understanding of shape and can name several of the most common geometric shapes (e.g., circle, square, triangle). When teaching shapes, start Read More

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Preschool Number Chart Activities Print out these charts and have them stuck on a wall, door or fridge for easy reference. Develop a daily routine where you count the numbers with your child. Perhaps before bedtime or when play time is over, go through some counting exercises to wind down your pre-schooler. Repetition and fun Read More

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Numbers Charts 1-20

Numbers Chart 1-20 If your child is too young to use the chart above, you can try this simpler version. This chart contains only the numbers and the number’s names. The bright colors will appeal to young children, as they begin to recognise and identify the numbers. This colorful chart can be printed, cut out Read More

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