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Balloon preschool collection -2-

Writing the Numbers

Symbols written with 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are called numbers (Kennedy and Tipps 1997).

Identifying and writing numbers are different skills. The inability to write a number should not be confused with the inability to achieve math. Writing a number nicely is not the same as using that number to solve problems (Burton 1985, Hatfield et al. 1997).

Writing numbers correctly is a skill that can only be mastered in first grade. In order to improve children’s writing skills, plenty of number writing activities should be included in the preschool period. However, the teacher should include other number writing activities rather than writing numbers with paper and pencil for number writing activities. For example, writing numbers with fingers on sand, flour, powder paint. There is no need to speed up the number writing activities in formal education in the preschool period. Writing the numbers correctly develops gradually over a few years, and the child should not be forced on this issue.

During number writing exercises, the teacher should encourage the children to read what they have written while writing numbers with the children. They can play various games about it (Smith 1996).

Writing numbers should start with numbers from 1 to 5. Until the child learns numbers up to 5, the teacher should teach only one or two numbers each day. While the teacher teaches to write the numbers, he must make sure that the children write the numbers correctly. Because correcting wrong habits is more difficult than teaching the truth. For this, the teacher should guide the children to start writing numbers from the right point and show them in which direction to draw. It should not be forgotten that the direction of writing the numbers is from top to bottom (Nair and Pool 1991).

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