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Concept In Preschool Period

Concept In Preschool Period

In general terms, the concept is a structure that represents the common properties of different objects and phenomena understood in the

human mind.Since it is an event that takes place in the mind, it is a slow and difficult process to settle concepts into the child.
The development of concepts in children follows a path from regulation to abstraction.Concepts become clearer and more accurate as children mature and learn. Children start to gain concepts from the age of 1-2. 2-4 years is the period when the symptoms of the concepts clearly appear in the child. In early childhood, children learn to group objects by shape,color, and size.

Concepts are two groups, abstract and concrete:

1. group: concrete concepts:
These concepts are also easy to learn, because they can be learned through observation.

2. Group: abstract concepts:
These concepts can be learned through feeling.Therefore, learning is difficult. Like sadness, for example.

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