Fun shapes worksheet-2 - About Preschool

Fun shapes worksheet-2


Line works are works that will help your child both in the preschool period and in the early stages of the school period. Line studies help your child to hold a pencil and use it properly. Line exercises strengthen his command of hand and arm muscles. Increases attention. It disciplines your child who freely uses a pencil and scribbles until today. It teaches your child to obey the rules with the rules it sets.

Many children know the letters and numbers by heart, but they learn how to write and see these figures, numbers and letters through line studies.

One of the most important studies of pre-school education is line studies. Line studies have an important place both in preparation for reading and writing and for the development of hand muscles and motor control. Line studies, which are divided into two groups as regular and free line exercises, are ranked according to age groups from easy to difficult. Children develop their ability to hold a pencil with line exercises.


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