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I’m learning the concept of small-medium-large-Rectangle

Big-small concept

Learning concepts is not always easy for children. Especially teaching the child something without activities or games will cause that information to be not well established. So, how about learning the concepts with games that can be easily applied and enjoyed in life?

We will learn the “Big-Small” concept. For this, we write a few words related to these concepts in the box below. While teaching-learning these concepts, don’t forget to use the following words too!

The biggest

  • Talk with your child about size-small concepts. Compare relative large and small objects with each other. “Look, here is the big spoon, yours is the small spoon. “My feet are big, your feet are small!”
  • You can do the following activity together. This activity will show how our gestures and gestures are while explaining the concepts of small and big, and on the other hand, it will ensure that the child has a pleasant time.


The huge elephant walked with great strides. (Hands are walking.)
He shook his big ears. (He puts his hands to his ears and makes a waving gesture.)
He drank water with his big hose. (The two hands are joined together in a cross and swing in front of the nose.)
He sat down on a big rock. (The big movement is made with the arms.)
(The voice is spoken by thinning.)
The little ant walked with small steps. (Walking movement with fingers.)
He shook his tiny antennae (Two fingers swing.)
He looked around like this, saw the huge elephant (A look around gesture is made.)
He walked with small steps, sat down on a small rock (Small movements are made with the hands.)


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