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Kindergarten Math – 9

Why is Mathematics Education Important in Preschool Period?

Cognitive development is as important as all areas of development in the preschool period. There are many activities that support cognitive development. One of the most important of these is Mathematics education. Mathematics education gives us the ability to look from a different perspective in academic life as well as in daily life.

Learning mathematics is related to concept development and is closely related to the concrete experiences that children have every day. Subjects such as describing, patterning, comparing, equating, classifying, observing, sequencing, measuring, using symbols, that is, number recognition, writing numbers and drawing graphs, help children to learn mathematics by understanding them in the future and help them to understand concepts. Cognitive, social and environmental factors are among the main factors affecting readiness in the transition to primary education. For this reason, in the study, it was investigated whether mathematics skills in terms of school readiness differ on the basis of whether they benefit from pre-school education, age, gender, socioeconomic level factors. It is known that mathematical thinking skills have a very important place in primary education. It is seen that children who go to primary education with these skills are better than other children in this regard.

It was observed that the children who received pre-school education differed from the children who did not receive pre-school education in terms of attention-memory, number recognition, increment-decrement, sorting, and the total score obtained from the scale. These children are more competent and successful in mathematics activities than those who did not receive pre-school education.

The findings of the studies have revealed the importance of a planned and innovative education in the preschool period for the development of mathematics skills of 5-6 year old children. While there was no difference in mathematics skills in terms of gender, the role played by age, socio-economic level and preschool education in the development of children has been demonstrated once again, as in previous studies. Children who receive pre-school education are more ready for primary education than children who do not receive pre-school education in mathematics skills, as in other fields.


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