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matching for shapes worksheet-2


Preschool Matching Studies

  • Matching skill includes skills such as matching the same with the pattern, matching similar ones, matching related ones by evaluating them in terms of various characteristics.
  • In order for this event to be performed, it is first necessary to recognize the features and determine what is different from the others.Although such pairings may seem simple and insignificant, they are very effective on the child’s mathematical thinking skills and will be very helpful in understanding cluster work in the future.
  • Here, children use their visual perceptions. Children can show their matching behaviors at the age of 1-2 years. Matching with simpler and fewer objects can be made at younger ages, and studies that require more complex matching skills can be presented as the age progresses.
  • Can prepare memory cards for your children for the development of matching skill; You can support this skill development by offering educational toys such as dominoes and picture bingo.

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