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Matching For Shapes Worksheet Colors-3

Benefits of Teaching Shapes to Children

• It can increase the ability to perceive objects. As we all know, children try to get to know the world by perceiving objects in many different aspects such as color, size, texture and shape. Children who know the shapes and their properties may be more successful in perceiving the objects they encounter from more angles and grasping their intended use.

• Can improve communication skills. Being able to use its formal features while describing any object can also improve children’s verbal communication skills. For example, when describing a sailboat, even if he does not know his name, he can express himself by using the mold “triangular ship”.

• It can increase creativity. Children who learn shapes can develop line-based drawings, begin to draw different shapes and create new objects by combining these shapes. They can also learn to draw any object they see by dividing them into pieces according to their formal features.

• Can improve the classification skill. Children, like us adults, can often use the categorization method while learning. Children who can divide objects into categories such as squares, circles, and triangles may have less difficulty grasping their properties. For example, a child who realizes that an object is round can predict that it will roll even if he never touches or plays with it.

• Can prepare for school. As we all know, before children learn to write, they learn to master the pen and form the shapes of letters by drawing lines and different shapes. Children who learn geometric shapes before school can go through this process faster and have less difficulty in writing.



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