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Number Activity For Preschool – 3

How are numbers easiest to teach children? Preschool number teaching activities

Some parents today often think, “My child can count now,” and may not go over this issue. The most important point to note here is that counting numbers does not mean that the child has fully learned the concept of number. Children may be counting not because they really learn to count numbers, but because they memorize the order of numbers very well.

For this reason, in order for the child to comprehend the concept of number thoroughly, he must first be able to accomplish activities such as matching, classification, and ordering. Later, number exercises should be done with the children who have acquired these skills to reinforce the concept of number.

When you notice your early child being warned about numbers, colors or letters, you can do lots of activities with him. Reading aloud to him from infancy, counting numbers, using numbers in room accessories or even being able to reach them will speed up his number learning.

Not like a lesson, you can even take the movements you exhibit in your daily life through numbers like games. Counting numbers with lego or blocks will make it easier to learn numbers while playing with their toys.



Count the food on the dinner table. Ask your child to put 5 carrots and 5 apple slices on their plate.


Ask him to classify his other toys by separating the plush ones among the toys. It can be preferred for older age groups.


In the basket with the socks, you can ask them to separate the colored socks with similar appearance according to their color and number. (Socks should be one color, not patterned, otherwise it can be confusing)


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For more, you can check the activities below.



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