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Preschool Number Chart Activities

  • Print out these charts and have them stuck on a wall, door or fridge for easy reference.
  • Develop a daily routine where you count the numbers with your child. Perhaps before bedtime or when play time is over, go through some counting exercises to wind down your pre-schooler. Repetition and fun are the key to success.
  • Point to each number as you count on the numbers chart. Take turns pointing to the numbers – your child will benefit even more by being involved.
  • Once your child is able to recognise the numbers, start teaching your pre-schooler to recognise the word for each number. You can also have them count the objects next to each number.
  • Play games using the number chart. This is especially important once your child is confident with the numbers and you need to add some complexity to the lessons. Some games you can play are:



  • *Find the number – ask your child to find random numbers on the numbers chart
  • What comes next – call out a number and have your child find the number that comes next on the numbers chart
  • Count down from twenty with your child. Have your child crouch down with their hands together above their head. After you count down to one call blast off and have your child jump into the air.

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