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Preschool Addition Worksheet-11


Mathematics has infiltrated everyone’s lives, even if they have not heard of it. Take any part of life, you will surely come across mathematics. Those who say I do not understand mathematics actually live with mathematics every day.

Undoubtedly, at some stages of our learning life, mathematics has been a lesson that we all fear. It is one of the most important stages in pre-school mathematics education, even the most important because,

  • Math fear / anxiety did not develop in the preschool period.
  • There is no more suitable environment to get to know the playful, beautiful face of mathematics.

Preschool children are curious, inquisitive, imaginative and questioning. In order to support the development of children in this direction, they should provide opportunities to investigate, quench their curiosity, see the cause-effect relationship, make predictions by putting forward various ideas, and educational environments should be prepared in this direction. This is possible with “math activities”, which are activities that develop children’s curiosity and research feelings and stimulate their mental abilities. In order for children to be more successful in mathematics in the following years, they need to encounter experiences that can help them at an early age. Especially in elementary school years, the fact that children do not develop fear of mathematics, their love of mathematics, their excitement about mathematics learning and their positive attitude towards mathematics are directly proportional to their mathematics experiences in preschool years. Because preschool years are magical years in which the foundations of many mathematical concepts are gained. During this period, children apply to many basic concepts related to mathematics in their daily lives and begin to learn these concepts. These basic concepts, learned by children without worrying about failure, form the basis of more complex concepts acquired in primary school years.

The Importance of Mathematics Activities in Preschool Period and Its Benefits for Child Development

Preschool children; Begins to learn many concepts of mathematics related to quantity (more or less), rhythmic numbers by heart, addition-subtraction, sets, fractions, geometric shapes, length, weight and time.

Factors affecting mathematics learning:

  • Growth, maturation, diseases, nutrition etc. of the child.
  • Intelligence
  • Interests and abilities
  • Social and emotional development
  • Education status of parents
  • Economic level of the family
  • Inter-individual relationships in the family
  • The quality of the education the school provides
  • It can be listed as social conditions.



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