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Preschool Attention Work-2

Attention Development Activities for Preschool Children

I have some suggestions for improving your child’s attention. Remember that it will be helpful to do these activities regularly. In addition, in situations where we see improvement, it is important to congratulate the child for his success, to be motivated, to be patient and not to be in a hurry to get results in a short time. The most important thing is to keep in mind that the child develops, changes, learns and has fun with “play”.

Go outdoors every day. It can be an open-air playground, a walk by the beach, or a walk in the forest. You can try whatever your environmental conditions are suitable for. In recent years, it has been frequently expressed that children play outdoor games every day is essential for their mental, emotional and physical development. What should be paid attention here, if the child is in the park, leave it alone, do not interfere with their games, do not constantly shout “Be careful Ahmet, Ahmet will fall, Ahmet do not go there” from the bench where you are sitting. Believe me, this bothers your child and everyone else in the park :). Anyway, Ahmet does everything you say don’t listen to you but don’t? If they are playing games with their friends, do not interfere with them, let them set up the game among themselves, make the rules themselves. Children gain incredibly valuable experience during free play. Do not deprive your child of this opportunity. Let me also mention that researches show that there is a significant relationship between outdoor movement and intelligence and school success.

Blow out. Yes blow something. For example; Collect the dandelion, which I know as the blowing flower, on your nature walk, let it blow with all its might, watch the feathers on the flower fly in the wind together. Inflate balloons, it is difficult to inflate balloons, just start it and continue. Add fun into the work Say, “We’re blowing all our sadness or anger into this balloon.” Then pop balloons, püffff, all the troubles are gone. Or play a game of not dropping the balloon by throwing it in the air. Make a bubble. Mix kitchen detergent, sugar and water, pour into the bottle, apply bubbles in the round bubble tool or ratchet. Controlling his breathing, working the bubble will calm him down. You inflate the bubbles and try to catch them. Following the transparent bubbles floating in the air with his eyes and trying to catch them with his hands is fun and play for him, but at the same time, it is an activity that increases attention and hand-eye coordination. You can play under the same game.


Do creative art activities. For example, painting the leaves you collect from nature in certain ways, cutting paper, knitting (of course simple knits :), arranging mosaics, painting mandala books that are in fashion in recent months, sewing clothes for dolls, making bracelets or necklaces from beads, painting with potato prints. Handcrafting and similar handicraft activities not only increase your child’s attention span, but also make them more patient, reduce impulsivity, increase their ability to deal with frustration, and of course improve hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Don’t forget the puzzles. Consisting of a number of pieces suitable for their age, puzzles are both fun and useful for young children. It makes more sense to exchange puzzles with the mothers around you, instead of buying new puzzles each time.

Read a book to your child. Books with funny pictures attract the attention of children. Change your voice while reading, make funny voices, make animal impressions. The benefits of books do not end with writing, so I don’t write 🙂

Cook together. Let him help you in the kitchen. For example, when making cookies, give him dough as well, let him make shapes with dough, hide his toys inside, etc. or let it decorate the cookies. Let him put the chocolate eyes on the cookie guys, be sure he will give all his attention to do this job properly. While my daughter is doing this duty, she definitely misses a few chocolates.

Learn to be patient. Do not try to protect your child from sadness by intervening immediately when your child is not able to join the blocks, spill his milk on the ground, cannot draw a straight line, or has some other disappointment. Let him try to solve his problem himself, maybe he will cry a little, then he will be able to try again and install the blocks. Taking away from you immediately and doing the lego properly does not give him happiness or pride to accomplish a difficult job. Trying to fix things each time without giving him the opportunity will prevent him from developing his ability to work on something patiently, to cope with frustration, to control his emotions and to solve problems.



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