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Preschool Caterpillar Color Matching


Piaget stated that children cannot use numbers meaningfully until they reach the concrete operational period around the age of 7. Gelman emphasized that, contrary to Piaget, the failure of preschool children in the conservation task was not due to the lack of information, but rather from the lack of other action schemes such as recall from memory and hand-eye coordination.
Gelman found that the ability to count in children aged three and older is dependent on some counting principles that arise spontaneously and both guide and stimulate the child’s developing counting skill.


Possible Studies Related to Number Concept;

1. Finding the match of the number drawn as a model among the numbers from 1 to 10 mixedly arranged.
2. Finding the spoken number among the numbers from 1 to 10 mixed together
3. Reading the number shown among the numbers 1 to 10 in a mixed order
4. Asking the child to count from 1 to 10 with verbal guidance.
5.Counting between the given numbers (such as 5-9)
6.Counting down from the given number
7. Matching different numbers of objects
8.Telling which of the two written numbers (such as 5 and 9) is less (or more)
9. Line up a set of numbers, read and ask him to show the desired number
10. Counting two given groups of objects and determining if they match the given number
11. Counting two given groups of objects and saying which one is less (or more)
12. Saying which one is more than the number given with a group of objects
13.Giving groups of objects and numbers, asking them to match
14. Saying the least (most) of the three groups of objects by counting the objects.
15. Giving a number, asking him to show the appropriate number of groups of objects to that number.
16. Finding more of the two given groups of objects and then removing less objects from the larger group and saying the remaining number of objects.



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