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Preschool-completing numbers-2

How to teach preschool numbers to kids easily ?

It is important to ensure that children have positive opinions and feelings about mathematics at an early age. We ask children that mathematics is in our lives, “How much? How many? Like when? ” they know with questions. The adult’s task at this point is to discover answers with children and show them many different ways to understand the questions.

For young children, math is not just a game with numbers, it has many different dimensions:

Number concept (eg: numerical 3 represents 3 blocks, 3 represents less than 5)
Geometry (e.g. patterns, shapes)
Dimensions (e.g. 3 glasses, path length, etc.)
Math expressions (equal, less, greater, etc.)
Spatial relationships (e.g. front-back, near-far, etc.)

At an early age, children should experience counting, number concept, comparison, shapes and measurement. This can be created with an everyday object or toy. Wooden blocks, puzzles, large beads, nested containers, shaped boxes will improve children’s math skills.

Young children can learn the matching skill while preparing food for their toys or helping them to the table. A glass, fork, spoon and plate for each person.

Count numbers while doing gross motor activities with your child. You can count when jumping, climbing stairs, bouncing the ball. You can also take a look at this activity that supports the concept of color and rough engine.

You can play games with your child to find the circle, square, triangle among mixed shapes. Draw the shapes on the cardboard for the game and place double-sided tape in the middle. After you cut the same shapes from felt, you can ask your child to match the shapes and place them on them.

In order to match the spelling of the numbers and the number, you can prepare activities that require an appropriate number of objects to be placed under the 3 printed cards. You can then edit the next event. Ask your child to count the dots and write the number on the salt / flour tray.

Children’s songs and storybooks with numbers or names of shapes will also be useful for your child’s math skills.

While your child is cooking for you, give him the opportunity to measure or count amounts.

When you choose maracas or cymbals to make music with your child, count each beat together. You can do the same while clapping hands.


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