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Visual Perception Studies: Visual perception is the ability of an individual to comprehend what he sees. The skill in visual perception improves reading, writing, spelling, arithmetic calculation in children and helps them to develop many other skills required to be successful in school (Frostik, 1968). Visual perception develops between the ages of 3-7. During this period, visual perception problems can be seen in children who are disabled for any reason.

The child with visual perception problem has difficulty in painting, cutting paper, copying, perceiving the direction in kindergarten. When he starts primary school, he may have difficulties in learning to read and write. This situation can negatively affect the emotional development of the child; It may cause the child to feel unsuccessful and to decrease self-confidence (Cengiz, 2002). Children with advanced visual perception skills are more successful in primary school. For this reason, visual perception activities are included in the Minicology program. Line studies, cutting-tearing-gluing, inserting-removing, kneading and shaping, distinguishing the shape from the ground, shape stability (noticing that the existing object remains the same even if the shape does not change), positioning in the space in accordance with the instructions, using words indicating position, Activities involving areas such as realizing the relationship with the space are included in our program.

The visual perception skills of the children are monitored together with our counseling unit and they are planned in individual studies as well as group work on the areas that children need.


Mindfulness Exercises: Staying away from distractors and focusing is the first step in learning. It acts as a filter for attention stimuli. We understand what we shouldn’t focus on. The way to keep the child’s attention awake is to get the child’s attention first. It is easier to focus attention on the subject of interest. In situations where attention and attention are awake, learning is faster and more permanent. Therefore, a long attention span will make learning easier.



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