Preschool-Finding Numbers -3

Studies on the Concept of Number

1. Finding the match of the number drawn as a model among the mixed numbers from 1 to 10
2. Finding the said number among the mixed numbers from 1 to 10
3. Reading the number shown among the mixed numbers from 1 to 10
4. Asking the child to count from 1 to 10 with verbal guidance
5. Counting between the given numbers (such as 5-9)
6. Counting backwards from the given digit
7. Matching different numbers of objects
8. Telling which of two written numbers (such as 5 and 9) is less (or more)
9. Line up a set of numbers, read it, and ask it to display the desired number

10. Counting two given groups of objects and determining if they are the same as the given number
11. Counting two given sets of objects and telling which is less (or more)
12. Of the number given with a set of objects and say which one is more
13. Asking for matching by giving object groups and numbers
14. Saying the least (most) of the three object groups by counting the objects
15. Asking a number to show the appropriate number of object groups by giving a number
16. Finding the more of the two given sets of objects, and then subtracting the lesser number of objects from the larger group and saying the number of remaining objects
17. When counting rhythmically from 1 to 10, do not tell which number is skipped
18. Showing the object in the said sequence from the sequenced object pictures
19. Finding the skipped number from ranked number cards
20. Counting sorted objects by ordinal number (like first, second, third)
21. Asking them to form sets with the same, less, or more numbers than the given set
22. Using ordinal numbers such as first, second, third when ordering objects


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