Preschool – I Find The Correct Numbers-3 - About Preschool

Preschool – I Find The Correct Numbers-3

Preschool Children Acquisition of Number Concept

The points that the teacher should pay attention to while doing number writing exercises:
• The teacher first of all uses paper and pen to write numbers.
should not connect. Some examples of activities that can be done for this purpose are:
• Creating and cutting numbers from sandpaper
• Cut figures from fabrics and stick them on cardboard
• Conducting germination experiments in the form of numbers
• Creating and pasting numbers with legumes
Painting numbers with chalk, watercolor or finger paints
• Drawing numbers in the air with nose and nose
• Asking him to make figures with mud and clay
• The teacher can put the correct spelling of the number on the table.
The cards with these numbers can be hung in the classroom.
• While teaching the spelling of the numbers, children’s writing should be checked. Because it is more difficult to correct mistakes later.
• For left-handed children, the teacher should be left-handed, if possible.
using model must be. This means that the children watch the teacher and
It provides convenience in terms of taking models.
• As well as hanging on the board or writing on the board. The teacher should put numerical models in front of each child in order to be a model. This does not mean that the child can copy horizontal and vertical views.
it will help him.
• The written forms of the number “four (4)” can be confusing to children, as they are used in different ways in different places. Therefore, the teacher should help the child understand that both software have the same number.
• While the teacher works on writing numbers with the child,
He has to make sure that he wrote down all the numbers from 0 to 9.



For more, you can check the activities below.


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