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Preschool – Shapes Line Trace Works – 2


Line works are works that will help your child both in the preschool period and in the early stages of the school period. Line studies help your child to hold a pencil and use it properly. Line exercises strengthen the mastery of hand and arm muscles and these muscles. Increases attention. It disciplines your child who has been using the pencil freely until this day and sketching, and teaches your child to obey the rules with the rules he sets.

Many children know letters and numbers by heart, but they learn how to write and see these figures, numbers and letters through line studies.

Compared to many preschool activities, line exercises tire and tire children a little bit, but the benefits for them are endless.

After the age of 2.5, you can work with line exercises that can be started gradually and focus your attention on the borders. From the very beginning, we started slow drawing and limited painting work with my son, who had trouble holding a pencil.

We had a fun time working in a more careful and coordinated way than I expected.

In addition to line work, you can support small muscle development and concentration development with limited painting exercises.


Small muscle motor skills are supported.

Provides hand-eye coordination.

Attention and concentration development is supported.

It supports mental skills.

They are ready for primary school.


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