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Preschool shape matching

Benefits of twinning efforts

Matching game and find your partner game, another name, is one of the most educational games among preschool activities. This game helps children develop their concentration, focus, reasoning and comprehension abilities, and therefore their memory. This has also been scientifically proven.

It is believed that only a few thousand of the neurons in the brain were used during the life of man. During memory games, it is assumed that the human brain instantly uses a million/trillion level of neurons. This, in turn, means a mental gymnastics that is unique for your child at a young age.

We can list some of its most important advantages as follows;

  • Memory game is one of the most educational games and preschool activities for your child.
  • Advanced visual memory and perception ability is one of the important qualities that your child will use in all areas throughout school education and later life.
  • When played at regular intervals, it increases your child’s ability to concentrate


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