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Preschool shapes dashed line study-Hexagon


Do you teach shapes in your preschool or pre-k classroom? If you’re looking for fun, hands-on activities for teaching shapes that will get your kids excited about learning, then you’re in the right place!






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Learning about 2D shapes is an important early math skill. There are so many different ways to teach your little learners about shapes, but the most effective methods will be those that provide opportunities for hands-on learning.

This might be a surprise to some, but shapes are a skill, not a unit of study. A skill develops over time and needs to be reviewed and reinforced throughout the year.

If you really want your students to learn shapes, you can provide them with hands-on activities for learning shapes all year long.

These road shape mats pictured above are a perfect example of a fun, hands-on learning activity your kids will love!

Embedding shapes into your units of study is a more effective approach because it will help your kids learn and remember the names of the shapes being taught.



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