Preschool Visual Attention Worksheet -14 - About Preschool

Preschool Visual Attention Worksheet -14

What is the correct way to develop attention and how can we achieve stability?

Through mindfulness we position ourselves to stimuli and initiate the cognitive process we can respond to. In the yield of this cognitive process, we start learning. Attention and learning are actually not that simple. Because in this process, it can make it difficult for us to collect our stimulating attention from outside. Therefore, there are factors that we need to pay attention to in this process. – The room or environment where attention development activities are held should be cleared of distracting objects. It cannot be filled unnecessarily, cannot be filled outside, cannot be filled outside, it is like the absence of unreal items and the working environment is stuffy.

– Especially preschool children can be easily affected by external sounds, so they should be provided with a quiet working environment.
– Parent’s or teacher’s attitudes are perhaps the most beneficial in this process. Making speeches that will distract the child during the study, dealing with electronic devices such as phones and tablets, unnecessarily suppressing children prolongs the process and learning becomes difficult. It is necessary to have positive attitudes such as stating that it is normal to make mistakes and to remind you of the work you have achieved before. The parent or teacher should make sure that their behavior is careful and consistent. Thus, they also help the child develop careful and consistent learning strategies.

– Continuity is important. Create a continuous work order. Try to maintain continuity in your daily or weekly plans with times and activities appropriate for the child’s age. According to the studies, experts say that attention is more easily achieved at certain times of the day.











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