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Preschool What Comes Next-4

Preschool Pattern Studies

The benefits and importance of pattern studies for our children?

As we said while answering our first question, we live in an order and we all have our own order. We try to make sense of events and facts in a certain order and we try to preserve our specific order. Thanks to these patterns, we can develop our predictions, establish a cause-effect relationship between events and make inferences for ourselves. These and more are the part that develop our social skills. So when it comes to how it contributes to the education of our children. The first is language development, the second is math development. Let’s start with language development. The order of the words we use while speaking is actually a pattern. Let’s call it subject-predicate in its simplest terms. When children start to read, they first recognize the letters and the juxtaposition of the letters in a certain order creates words. Research has shown that the child who spends time in the pattern makes the transition to reading faster and more comfortably. Because it recognizes the pattern order, it will define the word formation order and do the order. The predictable relationships between the patterns are said to be similar to the predictable relationships between the letters. The same is true for mathematics. Predictable relationships between patterns are similar to predictable relationships between numbers. Again, according to the researches, it was stated that it is important to provide the development of analytical thinking, to prevent the difficulties they may encounter in their later mathematical life and to create a good foundation in their advanced teaching life, to focus on pattern activities in preschool and primary education mathematics programs. In fact, in its simplest terms, mathematics is a language of patterns. The child who meets and can define the pattern in the preschool period will easily understand the language of mathematics in the future. Features such as recognizing and maintaining patterns are very important in seeing mathematical relationships, making generalizations, and understanding the order of mathematics.

We tried to explain as our language turned. We hope you benefited from it. Remember to start the patterns from the simple level. 🙂



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