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Preschool Attention Work-3

Play attention games at home
  • Place 3-5 favorite plush toys of your child next to each other on the seat. Let them say their names one by one. Then have your eyes closed and buy a toy. Ask your child who opens his eyes which toy is missing. In this game, you can increase the number of toys as his skill increases.
  • Ask him to look into the hall carefully, examine all the items, then leave the hall. Move one of the large items in the room. Try to find out which item has moved. If not, you can give clues.
  • Play the hot-cold game. Keep a toy somewhere in the hall. Have him find it by saying “hot” when approaching the toy and “cold” when away from the toy.
  • If there are any Lego dolls, remove any part of them (eg hair, an arm, a leg) and ask what part of the doll is missing. You can make this game difficult according to your age and skill, you can ask which part of the car or robot you made from lego is missing. You can also play this game by drawing. You can draw some missing shapes and ask him to complete it.
  • Ask him to look at your face carefully. Then close your eyes. Open your hair, apply lipstick, draw a mole on your face, connect your eyebrows, etc. make a change in your face. Ask him to find out what the change is.



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