Preschool Subtraction For Kids -31 - About Preschool

Preschool Subtraction For Kids -31

Principles to Follow in Preschool Mathematics

· Children’s natural interest in mathematics should be supported.
· The mathematical development level of the children should be determined. But the other must plan to evolve.
· The mathematics program should be prepared in a balanced way, and other mathematical skills should be included in the program.
· The socio-cultural characteristics and individual differences of the children should be obtained.
· Mathematics should not be considered as an activity clock, but as a skill group that can be performed in all activities.
. An active teaching format that provides children with more in-depth and permanent skills with experiences should be used.
· The use of materials is a very important issue in mathematics activities to be offered to preschool children. Because preschool children learn better with concrete experiences that appeal to most of the five senses. These real objects will make it easier to reach the math goals of tools such as educational toys and musical instruments.
· Children’s mathematical knowledge and skills should be evaluated as high society, and these evaluation results should be taken as a basis in planning new lives.
· Parents’ participation in the child’s mathematics development process should be ensured.
· Children should be modeled for positive and supportive mathematical attitudes.


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